Unglobal world Music

d3p is a French indy 360° production unit based in Pontoise, Paris, France.
Discover our productions and all the services we provide, at any step of music projects.

our artists

producing is a never-ending story…


our services

60Bis Studios

400m² independant rehearsal and recording studios, 30km North-West from Paris, France


audio gear sales & rental

Audio & Light gear rental for private parties. Backline & small PA systems for bands. Pro audio gear rental & sales for bars, restaurants, event organizers…

twenty years of experience let us find a solution for every project, for any budget. The only limit is… Will you dare?!

On-demand Producing

Studio producing, project management or executive production, let us help you realise your project the way you want it!

D3P Music provide produce publish unglobal world music


Our training center for next generations of sound technicians and producers.



Two trainings for music project managers: One two- days group module and one individual project-based training.


Musiques du monde actuel

Non-profit organisation: Local musical projects, concerts, masterclasses etc.


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